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PUBG Mobile: Scout announces that Team XSpark has been disbanded

Tanmay ‘Sc0ut’ Singh has made an announcement on his Instagram handle that Team XSpark is disbanded due to the bleak future of PUBG Mobile in India. The newly formed roster of XSpark only got a single chance to showcase their talent in PMCO Fall Split 2020 and due to the imposed ban, the roster has been dissolved.

Screengrab of the announcement

Sc0ut was the former player of Team XSpark before it was picked up by Fnatic in late 2019. The name of XSpark was off the radar for quite a while before Sc0ut made an announcement of their return to the PUBG Mobile competitive scene. Even though he played on a different roster, XSpark was owned by Sc0ut and the new team showed promising results.

The new team XSpark was one of the most aggressive rosters in the Indian PUBG Mobile Esports scene and it was made up of several veterans and upcoming talents in India. They started their journey in the latter half of 2020 and after going through several qualifiers, the team managed to qualify for PMCO Fall Split India 2020 and then went on to win the tournament.

This roster was all set to compete with the big names in PMPL South Asia but due to government’s decision to ban PUBG Mobile in India, it was not possible. After each and every team in India went on hiatus due to the ban, some big names like Megastars got disbanded very early and now after three months, Sc0ut has decided to disband the roster of Team XSpark.

PUBG Mobile India is on its way but due to several hurdles, the launch has been delayed. The booming esports ecosystem affiliated to this title has taken a huge blow due to the ban and now, big names have started to take final decisions regarding the future of their rosters.

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