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PUBG Mobile may return till the end of 2020

Several implications suggest that PUBG Mobile is coming back to India very soon.

PUBG Mobile and recent developments surrounding its ban suggest that the game is on its way to get unbanned. Since its ban, the game has treaded a very rough path with lots of ups and downs but finally, there is a glimmering ray of hope for PUBG Mobile fans and the entire competitive community of this game in India.

Starting with the ban on September 2nd, the news came as a shocker for the entire PUBG Mobile community in the country. Although this ban was meant to impact the casual player base as well, the only effect was seen on the flourishing esports industry as the masses were still enjoying this game via various ways.

The official servers were up until recent decision of Tencent to shut down their operations in India but still, players can access PUBG Mobile through its Korean version.

Recently, major developments took place in terms of this ban which started with the mentioned Tencent shutdown.

Later, PUBG Corporation announced its merger with the parent company Krafton and with it, a speculative approach towards PUBG Mobile unban started to take some shape. These implications are potentially turning into reality because other titans are coming into the picture.

Is PUBG Coming back in India?

As per our exclusive report, sources have revealed that PUBG Mobile is getting closer to its relaunch in India, with big players in the industry are looking to get the rights for the Indian market with big names like Microsoft and Airtel running in the frontlines. Along with this, several PUBG Mobile pros have hinted at the arrival of Indian PUBG Mobile very soon, potentially before or during the auspicious festival of Diwali.

Although the exact date of this arrival is not yet mentioned by anybody, all of these leads point towards a bright future of PUBG Mobile in India, which can be huge for the esports teams in the country.

With ongoing PMPL: South Asia, the seeds for upcoming PUBG Mobile World Championship are yet to be decided and if the slots are increased and PUBG Mobile returns back in India, we can see some of the invited teams battling it out at the global stages at the end of this year.

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