PUBG Mobile India: Dynamo drops hints about Release Date in a satirical manner

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PUBG Mobile India and its release date has been a big mystery for the past few months. There have been several unofficial declarations till date and none of them were actually confirmed by the officials and now, popular PUBG Mobile streamer Dynamo suggested a possible release timeline for PUBG Mobile India in a satirical form on his livestream.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September 2020 and since then, the story has unfolded with many different kinds of developments and the most significant lead was Krafton entering in India to set-up a regional office and revealing their plan of developing a dedicated version of PUBG Mobile for Indian fanbase.

This announcement was followed by a few teasers but later, the news started diminishing as the company did not release any further updates regarding the game or its launch. Since then, several influential sources have stated the possibilities of PUBG Mobile India launch but Krafton never announced the actual timeline.

Livestream where Dynamo Gaming drops hints

One of the biggest gaming streamers in India, Dynamo Gaming, put up an amusing act when the someone from the chat asked about the release date of PUBG Mobile India on his stream. Dynamo starts by counting something on his fingers and then drops some hints about the actual release.

He stated that a trailer might be released in a “double-digit” month and the release of PUBG Mobile India will follow soon. This means that the trailer of PUBG Mobile India could be released in any month, starting from October to December 2021 and the game might be released after that.

If this timeline is followed, Indian PUBG Mobile fans can expect the release of PUBG Mobile India by the end of this year. Dynamo acted whimsically while putting out this information so it’s certainty is unpredictable by nature. Players should wait for the official announcement before getting their hopes high about the release of PUBG Mobile India.

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