OTV Valorant Tournament: How to Watch

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Riot Games has teamed up with online content creation group OfflineTV to announce the upcoming OfflineTV Charity Valorant Invitational, a charity event that’ll feature popular OfflineTV members and streamers battling it out in a Valorant tournament.

The event, which’s scheduled to start on April 17th at 12:30 PM PT, will consist of five teams. The OfflineTV Charity Valorant Invitational will conclude on April 18th.

According to a recent Tweet by OfflineTV themselves, the upcoming event is set to be “a for-fun charity event with five teams, giveaways, and other fun activities,” and this has gotten avid Valorant players and OfflineTV fans excited alike.

Where to Watch

The OfflineTV Charity Valorant Invitational will be available to watch on the OfflineTV Twitch Channel from April 17th, 12:30 PM PT.


The tournament will feature a total of five teams led by OfflineTV members Pokimane, Toast, Scarra, Lily and Michael.

Here’s the list of members in each team:

Team PokiTeam LilyTeam ScarraTeam ToastTeam Michael
PokimaneLilyPichuScarraDisguisedToastMichael Reeves
JacksepticeyeMasayoshiEdison ParkKristoferyeeQuarterjade
Babo AbeBrookefabShiphturPeter ParkYvonnie
Chart via Dexerto
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