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PUBG Mobile Esports reveals 2023 Roadmap

PUBG Mobile Esports has announced a roadmap for their 2023 season and brought some new changes to their esports ecosystem. A notable change has been made to the points system so check out the details given below.

PUBG Mobile Esports has grown a lot in the past four years and is thriving to settle down by bringing in new improvements to the system. There have been many changes in the past but the format was set last year and will by changed by some minor degrees this year.

PMPL Changes to SEA

Some changes are made to the PMPL this season as MPL Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines (MY/SG/PH) will now be just called PMPL Malaysia with all the regions merged within a newer one. A new region has been added to the PMPL Wildcards which will now include Philippines, Myanmar (MM), Cambodia (KH), and Singapore regions. 

Like each year, PMPL qualifiers will be hosted through a variety of regional pipelines, allowing new rosters to enter the top level of competition through rigorous competition.

Introduction of PUBG Mobile Regional Clash

PUBG Mobile is introducing a new event called PMRC or regional clash within Asia where teams from different regions will come on a same platform to fight for glory. This event will not be included in the official esports roadmap as a qualifier event.


PUBG Mobile has drastically changed its points system to even fewer points this year. The amount has been lowered down by almost 50% in the last two years. This will encourage teams to fight harder and the tournaments will become even more intense in the upcoming year.

These are all the changes announced in PUBG Mobile Esports 2023 roadmap. Some other major details will be revealed in the next announcement.

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