Pokemon Unite ACL 2023: India League Qualified teams

Pokemon Unite has grabbed a hold of Indian mobile esports market as this new MOBA game has gained popularity in the country. Many esports organizations have signed rosters to compete in the upcoming tournament and the Asia Champions League is right around the corner. Here are the top five teams that have qualified for the tournament.

Pokemon Unite ACL 2023 is the first ever edition of this tournament that will bring India on the same roadmap as other Asian countries on the continent. Each region has its own qualifiers and Indian qualifiers will have top five rosters from India to compete for two spots in the Asia grand finals.

The five teams that have qualified for this tournament have gained their spot through various qualifiers and were not invited to the league. The names and squads are as follows:

Revenant Esports

  • Crowley
  • BlizzarD
  • Swifty
  • Novaa
  • XesoL

Gods Reign

  • OMEN
  • Noxy
  • ScepTer
  • VixzeN
  • Divine


  • Cursed
  • Might
  • Ghoul
  • Darbari
  • Tensei

Marcos Gaming

  • Snowyy
  • Volc
  • Meruem
  • VoxZ
  • Kyurem

True Rippers

  • EGO
  • KYO
  • SAIF

The ACL India League starts on 8th January so fans can tune in on the official YouTube channel to catch the live action.

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