PUBG Mobile Esports announces changes for 2022 PMPL and Spring Split Schedule

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PUBG Mobile Esports recently announced the changes in the schedule of the PMPL and Spring Split 2022. According to the announcement, the PMPL will now follow a one-year cycle instead of seasonal relegation and features a total prize pool of $5.3 million for 2022.

Earlier, PUBG Mobile Club Open acted as the qualifying event for the PMPL event. Although, the organizers introduced PMPL qualifiers as a part to get the seeding in the PMPL event. There have been changes in the region classification with EMEA and MENA & SA regions now being classed as Europe, South Asia, and Middle East & Africa.

2022 PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring Schedule

Listed below are the dates for PMPL across different regions:

PMPL Southeast Asia

  • PMPL Indonesia Spring: March 23
  • PMPL Vietnam Spring: March 22
  • PMPL Thailand Spring: March 23
  • PMPL MY/SG/PH Spring: March 23
  • PMPL Southeast Asia Championship Spring: June 2022

PMPL South Asia

  • PMPL South Asia Spring: March 29
  • PMPL Pakistan Spring: March 22
  • PMPL South Asia Championship Spring: May 2022

PMPL Americas

  • PMPL Brazil Spring: March 4
  • PMPL LATAM Spring: March 4
  • PMPL North America Spring: March 21
  • PMPL Americas Championship Spring: May 2022

PMPL European

  • PMPL Turkey Spring: March 21
  • PMPL Western Europe Spring: March 22
  • PMPL European Championship Spring: May 2022

PMPL Middle East & Africa

  • PMPL Arabia Spring: February 14
  • PMPL Africa Spring: March 22
  • PMPL Middle East & Africa Championship Spring: May 2022

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