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Astralis and Team Liquid Join FaZe Clan, ENCE at ESL Pro League Quarters

The quarter finalists of ESL Pro League Season 15 have been confirmed with North American side Team Liquid joining the likes of FaZe and Astralis to make it to the next stage.

Earlier, Astralis had to battle it out with Entropiq, in a series which went the distance with 2 maps going the full 30 rounds as well as an Overtime affair in between. Liquid made short work of Heroic, which came as a surprise for everyone as Heroic looked almost unbeatable in the group stage, and were humbled by NA’s last hope in 2 maps.

Team Liquid is the only remaining team from North America at ESL Pro League Season 15. Evil Geniuses, Party Astronauts and Complexity, all went out in the group stages, with only Col managing a single win throughout as the others went 0-5. Liquid were tipped as the underdogs and not without reason as they only beat BIG, GODSENT and Party Astronauts to make it to the playoffs.

But they showed that they meant business, and took down the #5 team in the world over two maps, 16-9 and 16-10. EliGE, NAF and AWPer oSee were all on point for the team, and were supported well by former Valorant pro and IGL nitr0 who had his best performance (against an EU side)  after returning to CSGO as he went 25-13 with a 1.63 rating on Vertigo to close the game.

Astralis on the other hand were made to sweat versus Russian side Entropiq. Having lost to them earlier in the year at  FunSpark Ulti, Astralis came into the matchup with revenge on their minds.

They clinched  the first map of Nuke with a stellar CT side where they posted 10 rounds to win 16-14. On Vertigo, things got down to the wire as well, despite NickelBack and co. leading 15-10 at one point. Astralis mounted a comeback but fell just short after forcing overtime as Entropiq had a flawless OT to win 19-15.

Overpass was much like Nuke, this time with 10 CT rounds for Astralis to start. On the T side, blameF continued his tear to help the Danes push it over the line and get to the coveted 16 rounds in the final round of play. He topped the scoreboard with 81 kills, going +22 in K/D and a 1.30 rating to boot.


  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Team Liquid
  • Movistar Riders
  • ENCE
  • Astralis
  • FaZe Clan
  • Natus Vincere



7th of April, 

15:30 CEST/19:00 IST – Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Team Liquid

19:00 CEST/22:30 IST – Movistar Riders vs ENCE

8th of April

15:30 CEST/19:00 IST – FURIA vs Astralis

19:00 CEST/22:30 IST – NaVi vs FaZe Clan


9th of April

15:30 CEST/19:00 IST – Semi Final #1

19:00 CEST/22:30 IST – Semi Final #2


10th of April

17:00 CEST/20:30 IST – Grand Final

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