PUBG Mobile: Bigetron RA signs Liquid for PMGC Finals

Bigetron RA has replaced their reserve player named Alice by 'Liquid' for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship [PMGC] Grand Finals.

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PUBG Mobile Global Championship has completed its league stages and its grand finals is right around the corner. In the preparations of this finals, several organizations are making some changes to their active roster and one of the big names, Bigetron Red Aliens, have also made some interesting additions.

Bigetron RA are the reigning global champions and their roster has never made any significant changes in a long time. The roster comprised of star twins Luxxy and Zuxxy alongside their backbone Ryzen and Microboy. The team has Alice as their reserve player but due to some circumstances, she is not able to attend the PMGC Grand Finals.

Bigetron made an announcement on their social media handle that due to some health concerns, Alice will not play in PMGC and will be replaced by Liquid.

The tweet translates, “With regard to health reasons, we announce that @btr_alicee[Alice] cannot play in the Grand Final of PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0, and will be replaced by @btr_liqquid[Liquid].”

Liquid is a well-known player in Indonesian PUBG Mobile pro circuit and will play under the banner of Bigetron RA for PMGC Finals. This player might be replaced after this event or can also be a new addition to the roster in the long run.

PMGC Finals are scheduled from 21st to 24th January in Dubai and looking at the past tournaments played by Bigetron, they rarely shuffle their active roster to bring in the reserve player. Liquid might be a huge addition but it will be interesting to see if BTR decides to change their lineup during the event or not.

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