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PUBG Mobile 2020 World League teased

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James Yang, Global eSport Director of PUBG Mobile at Tencent Games, revealed some great news about the future of the game during the third and final day of the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split (or PMCO).

Yang, in particular, announced the birth of the PUBG Mobile 2020 World League, an official eSport competition for the popular battle royale in pocket format. Further information on this league was not revealed, but Yang said it should start soon. He also said that the tournament will be reserved for professional teams.

This announcement came in the middle of the PMCO Spring Split world finals, where the best players competed for the title of seasonal champions. The PMCO lasted about three days, for sixteen intense PUBG Mobile matches and an exhibition match with stars like basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo and DJ Alan Walker.

In addition, Yang also revealed the registration date for the new PMCO fall season. Registration for all 10 regions in which the championship is divided will start on August 8th.

PUBG Mobile has been a huge success since it was launched in March 2018. The nature of the game paved the way for eSport. The PMCO has been divided into two seasons: Spring and Fall. The prize pool for the full year was initially $ 2 million, but the announcement was increased to $ 2.5 million following a partnership with producer Oppo.

At the moment, as we were saying, not much is known about the PUBG Mobile World League but the second part of 2019 (with the close partnership between ESL and Vodafone for the 5G Mobile Open) and 2020 are really full of events, for all fans of PUBG.

Stay tuned as exciting updates are on their way!

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