pro100 sweep HellRaisers to win DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational 2019

pro100 won the DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational 2019, upsetting HellRaisers 2-0 (Mirage 19-15, Train 16-12) in a Best of 3 Grand Final.

HellRaisers won the pistol round T side with a successful attempt to take over A. The Ts converted the advantage gained from the pistol round win into a second round. pro100 bought on the 3rd round and immediately responded, thanks to an underpass push from NickelBack, who cleaned almost the entire HellRaisers team, ending the round with a quadkill. Another tussle at mid, with nukkye’s 3k winning HellRaisers their 3rd round and forcing pro100 on an eco.

HellRaisers continued to prioritise mid-control, with their default hovering around mid and B. pro100 finally doubled their tally on Round 9 but HellRaisers were in no mood to even allow pro100 as much of a look-in, let alone pull off a potential comeback in the first half.

pro100 soon pulled out their Double AWP setup, which enabled them to gain more control over the map and put some numbers on the board, with the half ending 10-5 in the favour of HellRaisers.

pro100 though, were on redemption road immediately, winning the pistol round and the ensuing couple of rounds to shrink the deficit to 2 rounds. ANGE1 and crush took it upon themselves, opening their account on the defence.

pro100 finally succeeded in their adventures at A to break the HellRaisers chain of wins and bring the score back to 9-14. It was pro100’s time to string together some rounds and put the pressure on HellRaisers, who found it difficult to stop pro100’s unrelenting aggression, with the attackers pulling the lead back to just 2 rounds.

A good anti-eco round from pro100 brought it to within a round. ANGE1 handed the advantage on Round 28 to HellRaisers with a double kill, dropping the bomb. But, YEKINDAR was not going to surrender the pace of the game and pulled off a momentous ace to level the scoreline for the first time on the map.

A 3k from nukkye looked to have finally put HellRaisers on map point. But, YEKINDAR returned fire with a 4k of his own on the same round, ensuring pro100 the first and only map point in regulation time. WorldEdit failed to convert a 1v3 post-plant situation, with HellRaisers pushing it to Overtime.

YEKINDAR continued his onslaught on HellRaisers, with a 3k towards B handing pro100 the first round in Overtime. ANGE1 and co. had no answer to pro100’s B takes, with the attackers completing a perfect half in Overtime.

pro100 had three map points but needed just the first one, shutting down HellRaisers at B short to complete the comeback and take Mirage.

HellRaisers started strong on the CT side on Train, winning the pistol round. But, pro100 won the force buy includingand then pushed to a 4-1 lead. HellRaisers locked down the B site at Lower.

nukkye came up huge with an ace on the glass cannon near Ivy to peg pro100 back. That was but a flash in the pan, with pro100 continuing to dominate. WorldEdit came up with a huge 2k to shut down an Ivy push from the CTs on Round 13 to push pro100 into double figures. The half ended 12-3, with HellRaisers just unable to respond to pro100’s offence.

The trailing CIS giants though, got the pistol round in their bag after a stretched tussle at B and converted the anti-eco to push the scoreline to 5-12. YEKINDAR pulled it back at A with a 3k on the AWP on Round 18. scoobyxie though, put up a massive effort on the same site, with a quadkill ensuring they hit back and reset pro100.

HellRaisers managed to string together some rounds on the trot, thanks mostly to the pro100’s flailing economy to shrink the lead to 3 rounds. One of the key features of their T side was their use of the MSL stack jump at pop-drop, which always yielded them a kill without a trade.

But, pro100 managed to break the string of rounds on a Quasi-buy and were on map point, series point and championship point after shutting down an A push from HellRaisers.

WorldEdit seemed to have done it but the C4 timer was too far gone, handing HellRaisers the round. A good A push saw HellRaisers force pro100 into a two-man save. pro100 chose to buy pistols around the saved weaponry, with wayLander getting two massive kills with the five-seven on a Lower push. NickelBack’s push ended HellRaisers’ hopes, with pro100 closing out Train 16-12.

pro100 have won the lion’s share of a 55,000 USD prize pool and their first big LAN win with this lineup, with HellRaisers ending up as the runners-up.