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Pokimane has a message for Twitch for Hot Tub Bans, ASMR Streamers

The most popular female Twitch streamer, Pokimane has expressed her opinion towards the rise in ASMR streams following Twitch cracking down on the “Hot Tub” meta.

The “Hot Tub” meta showed how Twitch’s inconclusive guidelines can be exploited, generating an outpour of backlash from the community over the rise of the likes of Amouranth and Indiefoxx which was not appreciated by other streamers on the platform until Twitch cracked down on them.

ASMR streams looked to have benefitted from it and “Hot Tub” steamers were quick to jump ship before hitting a major roadblock when Amouranth and Indiefoxx were banned for sexualizing their streams.

“I feel really bad for legitimate ASMR artists,” “For people to come into your category and get to the top by doing the splits with their butt out and gurgling into a mic? It sucks, it’s unfortunate.”

“I really hope it doesn’t get to that point with Twitch, if similar events unfold on Twitch, many top creators could be hopped into a category of mature content and lose out on ad revenue, regardless of their participation in these controversial metas.”

Pokimane had strong opinions against the “Hot Tub” meta during its rise and it stands firm when streams choose to sexualize ASMR streams for views which translates to ad revenue. ASMR streams are a double-edged sword given how every streamer carries the risk of running into a fate similar to that of Amouranth and have their ad revenue reduced to an insignificant amount.

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