Pokemon Go Friend Codes April 2022: What are friend codes and how to share your friend code with others

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Pokemon Go is one of the few games out there where playing solo or playing with friends feels equally rewarding and engaging. Some features of the game like raids or special events, require the formation of a big team of players. 

Since raids are lucrative and not everyone can just get a group of friends to play the game, Niantic has added the “Friend Code” feature using which you can add others to your in-game friend list and form a team. 

Now you might ask, How to find a new friend in Pokemon Go?

The Pokemon Go community has setup a dedicated subreddit called r/PokemonGoFriends, here you can find other trainers looking for friends or organizing open raids. With more than 400K members and more joining daily, the subreddit is a very good place to find friends that play at similar timing as you or are just out there helping out players. 

The community has also created another dedicated subreddit called r/PokemonGoRaids, for those looking to complete raids in their area or participate in remote raids around the world. With more than 100K dedicated raiders, the subreddit is very good to find a raid party fast. Although to mind that most raiders on the subreddit are only looking to complete raids and might remove you after the Raid is over.

How to find your own Friend code?

You might be wondering where is your own friend code (or trainer code) that you can share with others. Just follow these steps to find your code:

  1. Open the Pokemon Go app.
  2. Open your trainer profile by pressing on your Trainer’s face in the bottom left-hand corner.
  3. Scroll to the ‘Friends‘ tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Now tap on the ‘Add Friend‘ button.
  5. Your Friend Code (or Trainer Code) should now be visible to you.
  6. Now tap on ‘copy my Trainer Code’ to paste it elsewhere or press ‘share my Trainer Code‘ to directly share it via a message through various apps displayed. 

You can also locate your Trainer Code in a QR Code format in the same manner. 

How to add friends via Friend Code?

Similar to the steps above, adding friends is equally effortless.

  1. Copy the Friend code (or Trainer code) of the trainer you want to add as a friend.
  2. Open the Pokemon Go app.
  3. Open your trainer profile by pressing on your Trainer’s face in the bottom left-hand corner.
  4. Scroll to the ‘Friends‘ tab at the top of the screen.
  5. Now tap on the ‘Add Friend‘ button.
  6. Now in the box beneath paste the Friend Code (or Trainer code). 

The game will send a request to the person you just added. Once the other trainer accepts the request your new friend will be visible to you on the friend list. 

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