Playtonia is casting StarSeries i-League in Hindi

Star Series and i-League returns for its fifth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Season. The tournament boasts of a mouthwatering $300,000 USD as the prize money for the participating teams with a unique Swiss format for the entire span of the league. The event features sixteen teams and all the encounters would be best-of-three. Top eight teams have qualified for the playoffs while the remaining eight teams have been eliminated.

The good news is that StarSeries i-League Season 5 is being broadcasted in Hindi and Playtonia is the Hindi broadcasting partner for the same.

Casters who are covering the event in Hindi are:

  • Alok “Noobistra” Mohapatra

  • Nikhil “Heaton” Dalvi

  • Kammaljeet “Rizzie” Singh

The matches are being streamed live in Hindi on Twitch every day from 12:30 PM IST onwards:


A little insight from Abhijit Patnaik, Co-Founder of Playtonia on his perception regarding the StarSeries i-league Season 5:

“Global eSports events like StarSeries & i-League coming to India, promoting eSports in local language means a lot. It will definitely help Indian eSports community to enjoy their favorite players in action with Hindi casting tadka. This will eventually help us to bring eSports into mainstream entertainment for millions of viewers.”


Rivalry.GG has implemented a special offer for the Indian users during the entire span of the event wherein users can avail $10 bonus for betting on their website for the ongoing StarSeries i-League Season 5. Along with this, Rivalry.GG has been kind enough to splurge another $10 giveaway per individual, for ten individuals at the end of the event.
Thermaltake has also been pivotal in garnering viewership with their dedicated giveaway products for the event and empowering viewership for Hindi shout-casting consequently.