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How a photo with Amouranth took away Ludwig’s business opportunity

In a recent stream, Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren shared an instance where posting a photo with Amouranth on Instagram cost him a business opportunity.

Ludwig is one of the biggest names on Twitch and it is normal for several business opportunities to come his way. His influence carries enough weight to make or break a company, yet there was one that denied working with him over a photo he posted on Instagram with controversial streamer Amouranth.

He held back the name of the company but gave enough insight for us to know that they had concerns with two of his photos, both of which were with Amouranth. The company found her content to be inappropriate for their user group and the deal fell apart.

“They were like, ‘It wasn’t Twitter, it might have been on your Instagram,’” he said. “‘You had a picture with a **** star, and on your Twitter, you had a…’ and they trailed off.”

“Apparently, because I had a picture with Amouranth, I was not brand-safe enough to work with this company, so they couldn’t do it. They couldn’t do it.”

A funny way to run into a problem for Ludwig. For someone like him, passing on a few business opportunities won’t bother him as such, but his relationship with Amouranth might need some work if something like this is to be avoided in the future.

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