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ESPL introduced IPL style format to engage gamers at grassroot level

ESPL India is a leading Free Fire tournament which is about to be concluded very soon. This tournament has employed a special format to engage with the community. The organizers have employed an IPL-styled multicity format in ESPL and recently, the tournament director shared some information for selecting this particular format.

Free Fire is rising as one of the best mobile games in India. Part of the success is due to the developers’ active efforts to engage the community with interesting tournaments and events. ESPL took to another level by adding a completely new format in their tournament.

The organizers assigned eight teams to eight different cities and each of them is currently fighting for its valor. This format was named as “IPL” format, referring to the format of famous cricket tournament in India.

Mr. Vishwalok Nath, Director at Esports Premier League, did an interview with Sportskeeda and talked about various aspects of their tournament. Talking about the format, he said that IPL styled format was employed to engage gamers at a grassroot level.

The complete statement by Mr. Nath is as follows:

“We introduced a city-based franchise system to engage gamers from the grassroots level. The ESPL will allow the public to connect with the gaming community and get a deeper understanding of the industry. With time and exposure, the general public can understand that besides being a leisure activity, gaming is also a serious profession and a business.”

Free Fire has a large Indian audience but some part of this fanbase might not be aware about the competitive ecosystem of this title. ESPL employed an interesting strategy to increase their exposure and involvement by introducing a format which is quite popular in public.

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