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PGL Krakow Major named best event of 2017 in Poland

Hundred thousands of internet users voted for their favorite event for over two weeks. We announce the list of winners of the first e-sport event in Poland.

PGL Krakow Major 2017 was nominated for the best esports event of the year in Poland. The other nominees of the event included IEM Katowice & Esports Now 2017.

Although we don’t have the data of how many votes were actually been recorded. The percentage of votes do have a nominal margin between the two nominations.

Breakup of the votes

Other than the best esports event of 2017, the awards also had the mention of best esports athlete and organization. Convincingly, Virtus.pro clinched the award for the best esports organization. Whereas, pasha won the award for the best esports athlete.


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