TE: This is your first time visiting India. How have you found the weather, the culture and everything else so far in this country?

YEKINDAR: It is very different from what I saw. I am from Latvia and we have a completely different culture and in Russia as well for them. People here are more friendly and open, I was walking out of the hotel and people were smiling at me and saying hi and all that stuff thats really nice to hear in the rough rough morning , it really helps.

TE: You guys have qualified for the semi finals, but you faced a small hiccup period with Orgless Five winning a map against you, what did you make of your Indian opposition?

YEKINDAR: well actually i think we should have won that map against Orgless Five because mostly they are not actually a proper team, they are a mix of players right. We made a lot of mistakes and they played off it. Mistakes were mostly because of people not feeling comfortable on lan, thats something that always happens and then we got comfortable with ourselves. We knew like okay we have to make ourselves comfortable and after that loss we went up against Goliath Gaming and won the both maps as expected.

wayLander: To be fair, they surprised us a little bit.

TE: What are your minimum expectations going into the Final Day at DreamHack Delhi?

YEKINDAR: Our main expectation now is that we go to the finals, probably most of us think we are going to face YaLLa Esports; they are mix of players but now they play more as a team and I think we can win the semi finals and qualify for the finals and then we are gonna meet probably HellRaisers. We haven’t played them in the CIS region so we don’t know what to expect but I believe it is like 50-50. I hope we win.

TE: You have gone through a lot of roster changes in 2019. Is this the roster that you are going into 2020 with? What goals have you set for 2020?

YEKINDAR: This is the roster that is gonna play for at least 2020 and our minimum expectation is to qualify for a major and winning a minor. That is what mostly we are aiming at. I think the minor will be in May or march and we just aim to win.

TE: Also every major we see a CIS team go to a deep run in the major and surprise people but they are still underrated, what do you make of that?

YEKINDAR: When you are underrated the enemy team is more relaxed, they are not expecting something that could happen and the CIS teams use that. They don’t expect us to play so good and when we win, its like ‘sorry for them’.

TE: Anything you would like to say to the fans, any shoutouts?

pro100: First of all, thank you to DreamHack for the invite and thanks to all the Indian fans for coming here, making us feel welcome and cheer us on.