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OpTic India sweep away 2ez threat

Optic recorded a 2-0 (Train 16-13, Dust2 16-5) win over 2ez gaming in the first of several Best of 3s to be played out on Day 1 of the Direct Invite Qualifiers – Indian phase – for Zowie eXTREMESLAND 2018.

The match started on Train, 2ez gaming’s map pick, with Optic India on the CT side. Optic went for some Ivy aggression and got 2 kills as a just reward. But, 2ez pounced on the opportunity by taking control of the B bombsite. It came down to a 1v2 for antidote, who was unable to land the clutch. 2ez converted the Anti-eco without much hassle.

With Optic India on a hard eco and the bomb planted on the A site, Forsaken came up huge in a 1v3 scenario to win the round with three crisp headshots. But, 2ez hit back with a play through the Ivy area to push Optic on the eco.

Tito swept the Optic eco with a 3k as the score read 4-1 in favour of 2ez gaming. The Mumbai-based stack then went for a surprise quick hit on the B site. But, Optic India were more than prepared for it.

2ez then attempted a fast hit through Ivy but were stopped in their tracks. Optic India then won the subsequent buy round to level the scores at 4-4. 2ez seemed to have won the quasi buy with a B take but antidote stepped up to clutch the 1v2 and hand Optic India the lead for the first time.

The AWPer did not stop there as he then hit a 3k on the outer defence to push the score to 6-4. 2ez then hit Inner and Ivy in respective rounds to tie the scores. A clean anti-eco and another inner hit saw 2ez run to an 8-6 lead before Optic India successfully defended the A site to end the half 8-7 in the favour of their opponents.

Optic India decided to go for a play on the A site on the pistol round. They failed to convert a 2v3 afterplant scenario as Badman defused in the smoke. 2ez then managed to defend the B bombsite to push their lead to 10-7.

A successful A split from Optic India and a subsequent Inner hit saw Optic cut 2ez’s lead to 1 round. Optic India then converted a 2v2 afterplant at B to level the scores at 10-10.

2ez’s Small Ladder stack was obliterated by Optic India on the Mumbai-based team’s eco round. Forsaken then converted a 1v2 and a clean anti-eco in the following round saw Optic run to a 13-10 lead.

2ez retaliated with a round of their own before  Optic India held firm on the A site to convert the 3v3 afterplant scenario. Poki almost landed a 1v2 retake at B but did not have enough time to defuse. The score read 15-11.

Optic India attempted an Ivy hit on their first map point. But, 2ez gaming foiled their attempt, despite being on a quasi to extend the map further. A clean anti-eco round at A gave a shard of hope to 2ez gaming.

But, a brilliant 2v3 afterplant from Forsaken and Haivaan saw Optic India close out the map 16-13.

Optic seemed to have countered 2ez to an extent. They insisted on hitting the Ivy area time and again, perhaps hinting at exploiting a possible weakness in the 2ez defence.

Dust2 began with Optic India on the T side. yB instructed his troops to take mid control. But, their attempt was foiled by 2ez gaming. The ensuing round saw Optic hit 2ez back with a forcebuy. Poki did take a 4k while saving his rifle.

2ez decided to buy around the saved weaponry. But, they were unable to hold off the B hit. Optic India then decided to go for a patient hit at A through the long area. A 2v4 afterplant scenario emerged but 2ez managed to keep their heads to make the score 2-3.

Badman then seemed to have broken Optic India’s economy with a brilliant 3k on the A long defence. But, Optic managed to clutch the 2v3 situation to win the round and break the 2ez economy instead.

A quick B take on the anti-eco saw Optic run to a 5-2 lead before 2ez gaming defended the A long area successfully to pull back a round and put Optic India on the eco.

Antidote then came up huge with a quickfire 2k from the deagle at mid. The AWPer collected a 3k in the round as Optic hit back to break 2ez’s economy. 2ez never managed to truly recover from this as repeated B takes saw Optic India push their lead to 3-10.

A much-needed timeout was called by 2ez. But, the call came perhaps, a few rounds too late, with Optic already in double figures. Optic India’s relentless obsession to hit the B bombsite paid off again, this time resulting in a 5v5 successful afterplant scenario.

2ez did manage to peg one round back to end the half 4-11. The pistol round was important for 2ez gaming and the Mumbai-based stack did what was required with a successful take of the A site.

Optic India though, broke back on the forcebuy, much to the frustration of the 2ez gaming players, who thought of inflicting a similar damage in the following round, albeit to no avail.

A clean anti-eco saw Optic India rush to a 14-5 lead and just two rounds away from securing the series. Some beautiful mid aggression from Optic left Recoilmaster with a 1v3 to clutch, something he did not manage to.

Optic India then retook the A site in the next round to convert their first series point itself as Badman failed to land the 1v2 clutch in the afterplant.

The economy game was won by Optic India as they never let 2ez settle into a comfort zone on the CT side. Their utility usage to take control of the B site was exemplary and 2ez will take a few notes as they fall to the lower bracket for the Direct Invite Qualifiers.

In the match between Invictus and Team Malhar, which was played simultaneously off-stream, Invictus reigned supreme to se up a match with Optic India in Round 2 of the Upper Brackets of the Direct Invite Qualifiers.

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