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Brutality ease past MAG Pune Five

Brutality recorded an easy 2-0 win ( Cache 1-0 forfeit; Overpass 16-7) over MAG Pune Five to set up a date with Entity Gaming in Round 2 of the Upper Bracket in the Direct Invite Qualifiers of Zowie eXTREMESLAND 2018.

Brutality started on the T Side on Cache, their own map pick. The Brutals executed a quick Mid take. With mid control acquired, they rushed the A site, got the plant and subsequently the pistol win. They lodged a comfortable anti-eco win. But, the entirety of the MAG Pune Five roster soon timed out.

The Pune-based stack had to forfeit the first map due to their network issues. After a small break, play resumed, albeit on Overpass, with Brutality being awarded the first map.

Starting on the T side, MAG Pune Five chose to attack the B site on the pistol round through the short area. Brutality looked good for the round but a teamkill from Venom on spy soon turned things around and handed Pune Five the pistol.

Brutals though, responded on the forcebuy, this time executing a successful retake of the B site. Rix then shut down a quick connector to A short attempt from MAG Pune Five on their eco round, with a 4k.

Now on a full buy, MAG Pune Five got the first pick at A and chose to switch quickly to the B site through connectors in order to take advantage of a potential over-rotation from Brutality.

With the scores now level at 2-2, Brutality responded with a round of their own, a round which was the start of a Brutal domination from the experienced stack.

MAG Pune Five’s attempts to hit either bombsite in a quick fashion were foiled by Brutality as they raced to a 5-2 lead. Another quick attempt to take control of the A site saw Venom come up with a huge 3k to extend their advantage.

Astarrr then demolished MAG Pune Five’s eco with a 4k and subsequently recorded a 3k in a B retake but Rix could not defuse the bomb in time, meaning the scoreline read 7-3 in favour of Brutality.

The following 3 consecutive attempts at B from MAG Pune Five failed to yield any result, with the last one featuring a beautifully patient play from Astarrr near the toxic area. MAG Pune Five decided to shift their focus to A but they were obliterated by Brutality.

Finally, karam1l & co. managed to unlock the B site in what was the last round of the first half. Brutality seemed to be intent on finishing the map fast and chose to go for the B site, only to be stopped dead in tracks by velocity and his teammates.

Brutality got the bomb down in the ensuing round but MAG Pune Five managed a successful retake to pull their opponents back to within 5 rounds. Juventa and Spy worked their magic and almost pulled off a great round.

But, MAG Pune Five held on to get their seventh round on the board. Brutality then chose to rush A short through connectors. They quickly fell back to B in almost an identical play from what MAG Pune Five did on their T Side. The Brutals managed to secure the round and break Pune Five’s economy.

A clean anti-eco followed to propel Brutality to within 3 rounds of the series win. Down to 3 men early on in the 21st round of the map, Brutality then showed why experience matters, with a patient switch of play to the A site.

MAG Pune Five’s A defence were caught napping and Brutality managed to secure the afterplant. The scoreline soon read 15-7, with the Brutals having as many as eight map and series points to convert.

They managed to convert their first one itself though, with a successful B hit to secure a 2-0 sweep.

MAG Pune Five would be disappointed with their showing. They clearly looked unprepared on the T side and it seemed like they did not have much to fall back in their playbook, with most of their   T calls being quick rushes to either bombsite. They definitely need to work on expanding their playbook on Overpass.

As far as Brutality are concerned, they will hope to take this momentum into their match against Entity, who brushed aside Ate Gaming in straight maps.


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