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Ogre Magi wins The International 2019 Battle pass Vote

Each year, The International Battle Pass owners get a chance to vote throughout the duration of the battle pass on which hero should receive an Arcana item set. An Arcana set comes with extensive customizations such as animations, icons, sounds, and more.After weeks of voting, finally the winner of The International 2019 ARCANA VOTE has been announced.

Ogre Magi and Windranger were the two heroes who made it to the grand finale.

Ogre Magi reached the finals by beating Faceless Void by 4.1 million votes, while Windranger beat Spectre by around 3 million votes.

Picture Credit : @wykhrm

Ogre Magi wins the arcana vote against Windranger by over 6 million votes !

Winning moment:

Ogre Magi has been one of the most played heroes during the The International 2019, while WR has been one of the highest picked heroes in pub games.

The arcana set should be released by the end of this year, keeping in mind that the Rubick arcana was released around that time of the year.

As Ogre Magi would say “Ye gods, how’d that happen? What the. Who’d the. How’d that happen?” 😀

“That was skill all right. Pure skill.”

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