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Official: G2 To Replace Coach maLeK, More Changes Expected for 2022

Long standing G2 Coach Damien ‘maLeK’ Marcel is on his way out after spending 3 years with the org, and having seen a plethora of roster changes for the Squad. He first joined as coach in 2018, when G2 replaced ‘SmithZz’ and ‘Ex6TenZ’ with ‘Lucky’ and ‘JacKz’ and decided to make ‘shox’ the in-game leader.

According to maLeK, the decision had been made a few weeks prior to the Major and thanked his team for the opportunity.

maLeK has been part of 3 Major campaigns for G2 – IEM Katowice 2019, StarLadder Berlin 2019 and PGL Stockholm 2021. They couldtn even make it to the Playoffs in the first 2, but managed to make it to the Grand Finals of PGL Stockholm, giving NaVi a tough fight but eventually losing out.

Following dwindling results, especially the habit of losing in finals, G2 have decided to replace maLeK with Serbian IGL and coach Luka ‘emi’ Vukovic. Emi played for Funplus Phoenix until November 2021, before the org decided to pull out of CSGO. Before playing for FPX, emi had previously played for Contact Gaming and CR4ZY – both as coach and IGL as well.

According to other sources, more changes are to follow as G2 decided to bring in another AWPer to replace Francois ‘AmaNEk’ Delaunay. It was with ‘AmaNEk’ that G2 made it to the finals of the last 2 LANs after the addition of NiKo, but it seems that there’s still something missing for them as they haven’t won a single trophy since his signing, more news is awaited about the changes.

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