North America rumours to kick off its first CSGO League in March 2020

According to a report from DBLTap, Cloud9 and the Immortals Gaming club which does own MIBR, are in talks to lead a potential plan for the foundation of new NA-based league which is atm reportedly named “B: Site”, bearing three tournaments and a LAN final played out between the dozen teams each season.

According to various reports, the League would be a month-long followed by a finale match. This rumoured B Site league season will probably kick off in March 2020. Reports do state that the regular season will occur on LAN through three tournaments with a points-based system, with the top eight teams qualifying for the playoffs and would enter the battle for the finale. At the moment we do have scarce information about the event’s location but the first final is rumoured to be held in Europe.

Via DBLTap

With the announcement of the B: Site League, we also have been told about the total prize pool structure of 2M$ which would be 1M$ per season as the league will be having 2 seasons every year. We may see 12 teams in this league with 10 teams paying a 2M$ as an entry fee to the tournament but with being promised the ownership of the league, including revenue sharing and the rest 2 teams entering through the qualifiers who won’t be sharing the revenue and would be waived off from paying the entry fee!

Also Astralis’s Ingame Leader Lukas “Gla1ve” Rossander did tweet about the decision of his team Astralis whether they would be participating in this newly rumoured league or the ESL Pro League as previously the Danes had denied to Participate in the Next ESL Pro League season.

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