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Germany introduces dedicated esports visa

Germany, whose ESL Cologne is famous as the cathedral of eSports has launched a dedicated Visa for the eSports Enthusiasts today which is rumoured to be implemented in Spring 2020. According to a report from ESBD, it’s president Hans Jagnow did state in an interview, the German esports visa will be a big advantage for events hosted in Germany. We are the first country to establish a dedicated visa category for esports. There are more international esports events expected to take place in Germany.

With this new German plan, professional esports athletes from non-EU countries will have an upper hand and hence will be able to adhere to an easy procedure for a permanent residency in the term of their contracts. Also, ESBD’s Prez too added, “This development also may serve as a model for other nations. The visa requirements for esports professionals should be harmonized internationally in order to allow easy access to tournaments and leagues for esports athletes all over the world.”

The requirements to get a German eSports Visa are:

  • Minimum age of 16 years.
  • The Player should have a certain salary
  • A confirmation of the Individual’s professional activity by the organization responsible for esports.
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