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NICKMERCS and Tfue wants to make cheating in games a criminal offense

Popular streamers NICKMERCS and Tfue has agreed to the idea of making cheating inside video games a criminal offense.

Cheaters have plagued several online games, including competitive and non competitive. Other than ruining the game for everyone else, this poses as a serious security threat and started having greater implications since gaming turned in a full time profession for many.

The gaming industry generates big numbers in terms of revenue that has been contributing to world economy. Any damage caused to this will have effects in the longer run.

Both Tfue and NICKMERCS have countless encounters with cheaters across the several games they play on a daily basis. Having to face cheaters can be frustrating and to repeat it everyday can take a toll on the players.

Cheaters ruin the experience and for those who play professionally or depend on it for their bread and butter are getting harmed. Many have agreed to Tfue and are willing to sign on the petition.

With the community seriously considering this, this Tweet from Tfue might yield something serious.

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