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Neyoo Reveals Why Sharkshe Parted Ways With Godlike Esports

In a recent turn of events, the unannounced departure of Godlike Esports’ content creator Shakshi “Sharkshe” Shetty sparked speculation and curiosity among fans and followers. Godlike Esports’ content creator Suraj “Neyoo” Majumdar recently addressed this situation and shed light on it, revealing the reason behind Sharkshe’s unannounced departure.

The Reason Behind Sharkshe’s Departure From Godlike Esports

Sharkshe recently removed the tag of Godlike Esports from her Instagram bio. After much speculation, fans discovered that she had parted ways with the organization without any announcement. This sparked speculation among the fanbase about the potential reasons for her departure.

In a recent livestream, viewers asked Neyoo the reason behind Sharkshe’s departure from Godlike Esports. Responding to them, Neyoo pointed out that the organization promotes fairness and equality among its content creators. He emphasized that Godlike Esports operates under a set of rules and guidelines applicable to all members, ensuring uniformity and impartiality across the board. Neyoo clarified that these rules were not strict regulations but rather fundamental principles inherent in any esports organization.

Neyoo revelaed that the organization introduced a new set of terms and conditions to all of its content creators. However, Sharkshe expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects that she deemed unsuitable for her. 

Neyoo stated that Sharkshe herself suggested the amicable separation between her and the organization due to the disparity between her expectations and the organization’s policies. In light of this situation, it was mutually agreed upon that Sharkshe would no longer serve as a streamer or content creator for Godlike Esports.

Lastly, Neyoo added that the new changes were accepted without issue by the majority of content creators. However, Sharkshe found herself at odds with the revised guidelines. This disagreement ultimately led to her decision to part ways with Godlike Esports.

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