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Team Spirit outclasses FaZe Clan to win IEM Katowice 2024

The prodigious core of Team Spirit has taken down the superstars in FaZe Clan to win the IEM Katowice 2024 is arguably the most dominant fashion. The Russian side wiped the floor with FaZe Clan, beating them in 3-0 fashion with a dominant display of Counter Strike 2 across all three maps to bring home one of the most prestigious trophies in the game.

Map Veto

  • FaZe removed Vertigo
  • Team Spirit removed Inferno
  • FaZe picked Nuke
  • Team Spirit picked Mirage
  • FaZe picked Overpass
  • Team Spirit picked Ancient
  • Anubis was left over

Map 1: Nuke (Pick: FaZe; Win: Team Spirit; Final Score – 13-9)

Team Spirit were the ones who kicked off the first map of the grand finals of IEM Katowice 2024 with a pistol-round win on the CT-side of Nuke. They managed to convert the follow-up round as well, but FaZe managed to grab the third round for themselves on the T-side. A couple of exceptional individual performances from Spirit enabled them to extend their lead to 5-1 over FaZe, but the latter retaliated shortly after, snatching one round after another from their opposition to equalize the score 5-5 before taking the lead for themselves. The first half ended with the two teams tied at 6-6.

The start of the second half saw FaZe take the pistol-round win on their CT side. However, a force-buy from Team Spirit shut them down and shattered their economic advantage. FaZe could only grab two more rounds in the second half before Team Spirit sealed the first game of the series with a 13-9 victory.

Map 2: Mirage (Pick: Team Spirit; Win: Team Spirit; Final Score – 13-11)

Having lost their map pick, FaZe comes into Mirage with a disadvantage. FaZe got off to a 3-0 start off the back of a pistol round victory before Team Spirit put together 4 rounds of their own. Spirit quickly got on board and edged out a lead before closing out the half with a two-round lead.

Team Spirit started the second half with a pistol round victory thus levelling the score 7-7. They showed utter dominance in their defence with karrigan and co. failing to find any answers whatsoever. FaZe managed to pick up rounds but they were few and far between which paved the way for Spirit to make it simple. donk stood out as the best player with 24 kills and 1.55 IR.

Map 3: Overpass (Pick: FaZe; Win: Team Spirit; Final Score – 13-3)

The final map of the series was a speedrun by Team Spirit. FaZe Clan failed to stand any chance against the team of young talents in a grand final on LAN. The Russian side put together a stellar defence letting only one round slip before switching sides. FaZe failed to make any significant impact on their T-side which had been their bread and butter in this event.

While FaZe picked up two rounds in a row to start the second half, Team Sprit took no time to quickly pick up the two rounds needed to bring home IEM Katowice. donk put up a career-making performance throughout the tournament and the Grand Finals was no exception. The 17-year-old boasts 82 frags and 1.93 IR, which puts him head and shoulders above the rest thus winning the MVP for IEM Katowice 2024.

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