New Zealand Prime Minister dabs for Twitch Chat

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made an appearance in Broxh's livestream.

New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern made a guest appearance in Broxh’s live-stream earlier today. Broxh is known as the most wholesome streamer on Twitch where he does wood carving.

NZ Prime Minister stopped by and made a brief appearance on his livestream where she interacted with Broxh and his live chat. On the request of his chat asking her to dab, she fulfilled their request.

Broxh is a wood carver who plays World of Warcraft and streams Whakairo, the Maori art of carving, on his livestream. He became popular due to his humble nature on a streaming platform full of quirky personalities and prodigal gamers. Broxh was just a small streamer until his one clip went viral.

When a viewer gifted subs to Broxh, he reacted in an astonishing manner. He tried to return back the money and is probably the only known streamer to do so. This gained him a lot of deserved traction and he earned almost 500,000 new followers.

The numbers have been rising since then where people are tuning in to watch this wholesome man carve splendid artwork on wood and interact with his whanau. “Whanau” is a Maori term for extended family and he uses it to adress his followers.

The humble nature of this man even caught an eye of the country’s Prime Minister. Both of them talked about his artwork, discussed about Twitch and livestream and PM Jacinda Ardern even commended Broxh on his ability to carve such beautiful artworks while spontaneously being interactive with his chat.

The Prime Minister took her leave after thanking Broxh to allow her to come and interact on his livestream. This is probably the only time a big personality like the country’s Prime Minister has interacted with such a wholesome streamer from the same country.