New Valorant Agent Sage revealed

The latest teaser gameplay of Valorant features Sage. Let's unroll what all was there in the clip!

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Sage’s motto line being “I’m both the shield and the sword”, we see Sage in action with her abilities and combat mechanics in this latest gameplay teaser that was recently released by Riot.

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The character “Sage” in Riot’s Valorant can do both, healing for the allies and dishing out damage to her enemies. She is clearly a combination of Mei, Mercy, and Moira while having abilities like ice wall, healing orb and resurrect.

Wherever Sages goes, she has the capability to create safety for herself and her allies on the battlefield. She is someone who can take complete control of a team fight and provide both support to his team or become a nuisance for the opponents. Chances are that she might be the only “HEALING” character in Valorant, but can also deal a good amount of damage.

Let’s breakdown the teaser clip for you guys. We can see Sage healing her friendly unit Jett over the time when she throws out a healing orb towards Jett. On hearing enemy footsteps, Sage uses her slowing orb(greenish glowing sea sort of) and secures a kill on the enemy with her sidearm.

In Overwatch, we see the healers standing at the back and healing the team but Sage can take initiative despite being a healer. She can charge her barrier orb to cut off enemies from an objective. In the video, we see Sage climbing the wall, crouching, peaking and then catching Phoneix & Cypher off guard while pulling her trigger to win the round for her team.

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The only ability that wasn’t shown in this teaser clip was her ultimate “Resurrection”, possibly the most overpowered ability in the game. With her ultimate, she can bring a dead ally back to life after a short duration of time. Valorant’s beta will be coming in the next few months while the game is set to be released this summer. Do let us know if you enjoyed the teaser gameplay or not via the poll.

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