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New CSGO update aims to lower CPU Memory Usage

Valve have rolled out a new update in which they have aimed to reduce the CPU Memory usage by typing an optional command in the launch options.

To set the command, simply go to CSGO in your Steam Menu click on Properties, then on Launch Options and type -d3d9ex. Do note though that it has been reported that FACEIT triggers its anti cheat when this command is used and can lead to the account being temporarily suspended- so proceed with caution.

The command reduces CPU memory usage by up to 40% which causes instant alt tabbing to be possible on better machines (this means that if you switch windows during a game and switch back to CSGO, it will be playable instantly compared to the 3-4 second delay before the update.) More importantly though it is claimed that the FPS will increase by a significant amount by applying this command.

If true, the ramifications could be huge. One of the main reasons gamers don’t play the game is that it requires a pretty good setup and is very difficult to run on lower end PC’s. The player base can receive a boost through this update, especially in more developing countries, and give CSGO a wider audience.

Early tests have suggested that a lot of players are enjoying the instant alt tabbing, while some users are facing an fps boost. However, popular CSGO Youtuber 3kliksphilip tested the command on 4 different rigs having different configurations- and found that there was no change in the FPS at all. In fact, after making some changes to his RAM speed and playing the game on windowed mode, he found a decrease in performance in one of the rigs.

A more clear picture will be out in the coming few weeks, as more people test the command and give their feedback to Valve. In the quest to revive the game, however, which is losing ground to newer BR games, if Valve does succeed in making the game accessible to all kinds of PC’s, it will be game changing as the only reason why players will not choose to play this game is by personal preference, and not forcefully through incompatible machines.

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