Na’Vi b1t shows a trick to practice with bots while queuing up for match-making games

A new trick in Counter Strike : Global Offensive has been brought under light thanks to Valerii “b1t” Vakhovskyi from Natus Vincere who showed the same on one of his streams.

Ever tried to practice in a practice server while queuing up in match-making servers? I guess every time you have tried to launch a workshop server, the search would have got cut off and you may have to start queuing up again for a match.

This unusual condition may not have been officially patched by the developers at Valve but Natus Vincere’s b1t did it as he was able to enter to practice in an aim map from the workshop while searching for a match.

All you need to do is follow these steps :

1. Launch CS:GO
2. Hit the Play CS:GO button
3. From the left hand corner, click on Workshop from the dropdown
4. If you have your custom map installed, well and good. In either case, Visit the workshop and add the map to your collection.
5. Now you may start searching for a game. While searching, open your console and type map <space> name of the map.
6. The game may auto suggest it for you in some cases but it’s recommended to memorize the name of the map.
7. You may now practice on the map with the bots and would also be able to accept the match if one pops up.