Wordle 357 Answer for June 11: Check Wordle Answer and Hints

Wordle 270 Answer

Wordle is a word guessing game published by New York Times. The game was created by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle and started gaining much attention online. Every day People rush to nytimes.com to solve the wordle and maintain a streak. 

Wordle is a global phenomenon with the primary objective being guessing a five-letter word in six tries. Every time you enter a word, the letters turn either Green or Yellow, which are clues to guess the “Word of the day.”

A green tile signifies the letter is correctly positioned, while a yellow tile represents the letter is present in the word but in the wrong position. One’s supposed to use these clues to guess what is the “Word of the day.”

The “Word of the day” resets every 24-hours, and the website uses Caches to store your progress which includes accuracy, streak, and total no. of times you played the game. People worldwide try to guess the word every day and maintain the streak, which is the main reason the game is popular. 

Solving 11th June’s Wordle #357

An excellent first word for every day should be something that would provide maximum information. One such word is ‘ADIEU,’ Adieu gives you four out of five vowels, and there are seldom words without a vowel. 

The next step involves trying to guess the word based on the first word. Let’s assume it is ‘ADIEU’ for Wordle #357. In that case, we get E as the incorrectly positioned letter. 

Now, if you have ‘Hard Mode’ enabled, you’d have to ensure the next word includes the letter E. If not, you can go with ‘CORNY,’ which gives you correctly positioned ‘O’ and eliminates other letters. 

Now the next word should contain O in the second position and E depending on the word formation can be in the third, fourth or fifth position. The next guess in this case is crucial as it’d determine whether you’d get information or not. 

Wordle #357 Solution: Goose

GOOSE is long necked water bird, with webbed feet which survive primarily on grains.