Mousesports defeat EG; to EPICENTER 2019 grand final


Mousesports join Vitality in the EPICENTER 2019 grand final after beating Evil Geniuses 2-0 (16-12 on Train, and 16-14 on Overpass).

Starting on the defensive side on their pick, we saw Finn ‘Karrigan’ Anderson’s men successfully retake the A site with 2 superb flash assists from Karrigan himself. But the North Americans did make the Europeans taste their own medicine when they went out on an Anti-Economy round with Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte gunning down 3 CTs and having won the round for EG. Mousesports did retaliate to EG’s Aggressive buy round when they force bought and choked the Americans once again. Karrigan’s army didn’t stop to show up as they did lead with a 9-1 scoreline over the helpless NA guys with some heroic plays including a 3k from Özgür ‘Woxic‘ Eker and Karrigan each to choke the incoming T side wave in 2 successive rounds. Robin ‘Ropz’ Kool with his hauling 4k did come out to be a superb retake for Mousesports as he successfully defused the C4 and taking away the potential round win from EG and Chris ‘ChrisJ’ De Jong sniping 3 guys on the A site to stop the Ts who just bought pistols in the 9th round. Meanwhile, Brehze again did step up to star for EG with some breathtaking entries but was again denied with that gigantic defence set up by the Europeans. But a collective effort from EG saw them closing the first half with a scoreline of 6-9 with Ethan grabbing a brilliant 4k with his Krieg to win the 11th round for his team and getting the plant which was a cherry on the cake.

Coming into the second half, EG did manage to win their pistol round after a really slow start with a successful retake thanks to Ethan again. But Mousesports did hit back with a full-fledged buy in the 18th round with a successful collective effort from the Ts to gun down EG on their Aim. Mousesports did manage to race off to 12 round wins before the duo of Brehze and Ethan helped the Americans to build a successful defence which did help them to tie the scoreline with 12-12 on the server. But soon enough with the raging blood flowing through the Veins of Karrigan’s Men and himself, we did see Mousesports close the game marching onto 16rounds first hence ending Evil Geniuses’ Misery with David ‘Frozen’ Čerňanský defending the B site to kill 2 guys including Tarik ‘Tarik’ Celik lurking from the connector.

Onto Overpass, Karrigan’s army yet did continue to exasperate Peter ‘Stanislaw’ Jarguz’s men with winning the pistol round on their Defense. Mousesports didn’t stop their alliance with racing to a 4-0 scoreline before Karrigan shut down the NA team with a 3k on the A-site with the Ts trying to plant A. But soon enough the duo of Tarik and Brehze in a 2v1 situation against Frozen sneaked up to the A site to plant leaving no option for Frozen to only go into hiding and save his Gun. With that Bloodthirst hitting hard, Cerq and the EG’s spearhead Brehze did setup a challenging show for Mousesports but were denied in the later stoppage rounds when ChrisJ gunned down 3 guys on the B site to deny the plant and giving his team a 10-5 lead in the first half. EG did show some resistance with Brezhe and Ethaan bagging 2 kill each to keep the Ts at the Bay from planting the c4. Stanislaw’s Men continued to build the defence with Stan himself denying the plant on the A site with a valliant 3k in the 18th round hence giving his team an upper hand, With some great impact rounds from Brehze and Ethan, EG did come in lead with a 14-13 this one time but were soon denied with Frozen picking up a 3k over the CTs rushing on the A site to tie the scores. But Robin ‘Ropz’ Kool did turn the tables against EG with taking a 2k while flanking from the Grafitti on the B site all the way up to killing Stanislaw at truck on the A site and Brehze with a 90-degree flick helping his team to earn the match point. Low on economy EG fell to Karrigan’s men as their collective effort did help them win the series 2-0.

With this win, Mousesports will now face the Frenchmen, Team Vitality in the Finals who earlier toppled Team Heroic in the Semis! Do stay tuned for the Finale’s Analysis.

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