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More Than 80% Gen Z and Millennials Play Video Games Now

Be it PC games or Console games, heck even the most popular type — Mobile Games, more people are gaming today than a decade ago. In the past year due to pandemic-induced lockdowns and people spending more time at home, more and more players picked up gaming as their primary form of entertainment or hobby. 

Today we are going to talk about a new study conducted by Newzoo which discusses how much millennials and Gen Z in 2021 love video and mobile games. Newzoo interviewed over 72,000 people in 33 markets for this study and the results were quite surprising. Let’s dive deeper into the study. 

Average Time Spent Playing Each Week

As per the study, the younger the generation the more time they spent on gaming. Gen Z’s and Millennials both spent approximately 7 hours on average each week while gaming. Where in the case of Gen X the time spent drops to just 4:25 Hours and for Baby Boomers, it drops significantly to just 2:30 Hours weekly.

Average Percent of Population Playing Games

Again a similar partner of reducing numbers is seen in the case of avg gaming population each generation. Around 81% of Gen Z gamers reported playing games in the past six months. Not far from Z’s, 77% of Millennials reported gaming in 2021. The number now follows a downward trend with Gen X reporting 60%, while the oldest group— Baby Boomers, 42% reported playing games in the past 6 months. 

While this is less engagement than younger generations, it is certainly significant nonetheless for the generation that is out of touch with technology. But why is engagement lower?

Other Modes of Entertainment

As pointed out by the study, the lower engagement for older generations is due to the group dedicating more leisure time to traditional forms of entertainment like Television, Movies, Outdoor Activities, Music, etc. Meanwhile, the younger generation (Gen Z and Millennials) spend more time on games than traditional pastimes.

These patterns also trickle down into the spending habits in-game. With the younger generation spending more money than the older generation. Roughly 69% of Gen Z and 70% of Millennial consumers reported spending money on games in the past six months vs. 52% and 29% for Gen X and Baby Boomers, respectively. 

Again the same pattern is visible in all gaming-related activities like following gaming-specific social media account, watch videos related to gaming, and discussing gaming with others. The younger generation is far more active in gaming when compared to the older generation.

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