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MLBB X Ducati Collaboration Event Brings Benedetta and Irithel Skins

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) fans are in for a treat as the game has partnered with legendary motorcycle brand Ducati for MLBB X Ducati Collaboration Event. This remarkable collaboration brings a skin series featuring the revered heroes Benedetta and Irithel, adorned in sleek racing outfits, as they navigate the battlefield on high-speed motorcycles. The unveiling of this innovative event has set the gaming community ablaze with anticipation.

MLBB X Ducati Collaboration Event: How to Get Benedetta and Irithel Skins

The heart of this collaboration lies in the skin series that casts a spotlight on two beloved MLBB heroes: the swift and agile Benedetta, and the deadly and precise Irithel. These iconic characters trade in their traditional avatars for adrenaline-pumping racing gear, complete with intricately designed racing suits and helmets. As they mount powerful Ducati motorcycles, players can expect an entirely new level of immersion as they blaze through the gaming arena.

The release date for the MLBB x Ducati collaboration skins is unknown, but the excitement is all time high. While the skins are currently exclusive to the advanced server, data miners have provided insights into the event’s mechanics and prize pool. The mechanics include a captivating bingo minigame, allowing players to accumulate more skins alongside the draw event.

Draw Event and a Bingo Minigame

Acquiring these coveted skins involves a combination of chance and strategy. The collaboration event introduces two methods – a Draw Event and a Bingo Minigame. Players can opt for a 1x Draw, priced at 225 Diamonds, or choose a 10x Draw for 1,125 Diamonds. The 10x Draw guarantees an Epic tier or higher skin, including the Ducati collaboration skins. Adding to the allure, the first draw of each day enjoys a 50% discount.

Notably, each 10x Draw earns players a valuable ticket for the Bingo minigame. Successfully completing a straight line on the bingo board unlocks one of the exclusive Ducati skins. For those who already possess both collaboration skins, the reward escalates to an Epic skin or higher tier. However, players will need to maintain their momentum by embarking on more 10x Draws to continue unlocking additional lines on the bingo board.

Furthermore, MLBB X Ducati event acknowledges the potential occurrence of duplicate skins. Fret not, for these duplicates hold value in the form of token fragments. These fragments can be traded for an array of skins, including the coveted Aspirants skin series, each carrying its own price in token fragments. Following is the trade for each class of skin:

  • Basic Skin: 7 Tokens Fragment
  • Elite Skin: 16 Tokens Fragment
  • Special Skin: 20 Tokens Fragment
  • Epic Skin: 24 Tokens Fragment
  • Exclusive Epic Skins: 53 Tokens Fragment
  • The Aspirants: 267 Token Fragment

As the curtain rises on MLBB X Ducati collaboration, the gaming community holds its breath for its release date. As players gear up to secure their Ducati-inspired skins, the anticipation is palpable.

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