Minor Boy kills 10-year-old girl after facing constant defeats in mobile game Free Fire

A minor boy allegedly killed a girl of same age after she constantly defeated him in mobile game Free Fire.

A 11-year-old boy allegedly killed a 10-year-old girl from the neighbourhood as she would repeatedly beat him in an online game. According to the reports, both of them played mobile game named “Free Fire” and the boy was very upset after the girl defeated him in the game.

The culprit was quickly detained and has confessed about the crime, said the police. The incident took place in Indore when the boy was upset after facing defeats and enraged when he got suspicious that the girl had killed his pet rat.

“The girl denied killing the rat and the accused boy decided to confront her. They got into a scuffle, threw stones at each other and when finally the girl was hit on the head and fell down, the boy killed her by repeatedly hitting her,” said deputy inspector general (DIG) of Indore Harinarayan Chhari Mishra.

The DIG further added, “These are times of online classes, but children often get into online games and it is very important to monitor what kind of game they are playing and what impact such games might have on the tender minds. It has to be understood that those killed in a game can come back alive, but in real life such opportunity is not there.”