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Indian Government Announces E-Gaming Policy: All You Need To Know

Last week, the Indian Government officially recognized esports and announced that it will be a part of the multi-sports event under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. Also, the Ministry of IT was appointed as the nodal ministry for online gaming. It was indeed a crucial decision to boost the esports industry in India.

Now the Ministry of IT has drafted a policy for online gaming in India. The policy is mapped out to propose a self-regulatory apparatus along with mandatory verifications of the gamers and physical addresses for every gaming company located in India. Moreover, the IT rules of 2021 will cover all online gaming companies. Apart from that, the legal requirements of the country, including any laws governing gambling, betting, and the legal age at which a player may engage in a contract, must be complied with by the online gaming platforms.

What’s inside the draft made by the Ministry of IT?

MeitY has focused on several key factors in the draft amendments.

The draft amendments are aimed at addressing the said need while enabling the growth of the online gaming industry in a responsible manner

According to the proposal, online gaming intermediaries must take reasonable precautions to guarantee that gambling and betting-related games are not allowed. Additionally, intermediaries are required to disclose to users the terms for withdrawal and refund of deposits, win distribution, and relevant fees.

All self-regulatory organizations for online gaming will register with MeitY. They may also register intermediaries’ online games if they are members and fulfill the requirements. Additionally, they will use a grievance redressal procedure to handle grievances.

Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar mentioned that the Indian Government will make sure the Indian esports industry will grow at a fast pace. He will also meet gamers and gaming startups. Moreover, he mentioned that 40-45% of Indian gamers are women.

The public has until January 17 to provide feedback on the drafted regulations of the IT Act.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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