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Mazy Offers Advice to Godlike Esports Amidst Mediocre Performance

Zeeshan “Mazy” Alam, a renowned Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) caster, recently shared invaluable insights, addressing the ongoing struggles of Godlike Esports. With a desire to see the team reclaim its former glory, Mazy offered strategic advice aimed at reigniting the fire in Godlike Esports.

Mazy’s Recommendations for Godlike Esports

In a recent livestream, Mazy discussed Godlike Esports’ recent mediocre performance, and emphasized the importance of acknowledging their fanbase. He urged the team to show respect to their supporters and act accordingly. He underscored the pivotal role of fans in shaping a team’s journey, urging Godlike to heed the expectations of their dedicated supporters. “It’s high time you understand that getting disqualified from three official events… getting disqualified from so many events and not being able to play. You are making so much effort just to qualify for third-party events. You can understand how serious the situation is,” he added.

With an understanding drawn from insider knowledge, Mazy made a suggestion revolving around Godlike Esports strategy to emphasize on the performance of Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral. “I feel that Jonathan should be playing like a normal player for once. Don’t make him play in a way that he has to become MVP or wants to become one; he’s a universal MVP, he’s a very good player, he’s the best player. Leaving all these things aside, make him play like a normal player, like the other three players, try that. Who knows, maybe that approach might work for them, and Godlike might reach the top once again, like they were during the time of TSM Entity,” he added.

Mazy Explains Why TSM Entity Excelled

“At the time of TSM Entity, one thing was different – all four players were equal, and their hunger was the same,” Mazy reminisced. He pinpointed a key ingredient for success that seemed to have dwindled over time. Rather than resorting to frequent team changes, Mazy proposed that Godlike Esports should try following his advice.

Mazy’s advice comes not from a place of criticism but from a genuine desire to see Godlike Esports soar once more. “If you think I’m saying all this because I don’t like Godlike or Jonathan, then you’re wrong,” he clarified. “People have been watching for a long time, and even they are now saying how can this keep happening repeatedly. Something must be wrong. They have tried changing so many teams, brought in so many good players, but haven’t done one thing. Try what I am saying. Who knows, that might work, and you might reach the top.”

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