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FaZe Clan dominate G2 to reach Semi-Finals of IEM Katowice 2024

FaZe Clan has taken down the reigning champions of IEM Katowice in G2 in a dominant fashion that will see them take on Mouz in the semi-finals. G2 having dominated Heroic on their way to the quarters fell flat against a FaZe who once again seemed to have gained their infamous lan buff.


  • G2 removed Mirage
  • FaZe removed Vertigo
  • G2 picked Inferno
  • FaZe picked Ancient
  • G2 removed Overpass
  • FaZe removed Anubis
  • Nuke was left over

Map 1: Inferno

Inferno has been a comfort pick for G2 but FaZe has shown equal proficiency in said map. G2 started their pick dominantly, going 4-0 up off the back of a pistol-round win. FaZe quickly turned the tides with a fast-paced round breaking G2’s streak FaZe upon winning their first round showcased a dominant T side, letting G2 get one more round before swapping sides, edging out G2 by a 7-5 lead.

FaZe started their defense with a pistol win, thus pushing their lead further before G2 got a round of their own. The round win enabled G2 to bag a few more until they leveled the score 9-9. FaZe quickly came back on the board and pushed the map over the line to go 1-0 up in the series. frozen stood out as the best player with 17 kills and a steller impact rating of 1.48IR.

Map 2: Ancient

FaZe got off to a good start on their map pick and while G2 were able to pick up 3 rounds, FaZe ran all over them with a dominant offense. A well-drilled T side, paired with all the players firing on all cylinders rolled over G2 as they failed to find answers on the defence. FaZe closed the one-sided half with a 9-3 scoreline.

G2’s attempt to make a comeback started with a force buy victory which broke the economy for FaZe. G2 took the opportunity to cut down the lead to 4 rounds between the sides before FaZe found their stride once again. G2’s disappointing performance on their first big LAN of CS2 since appointing a new coach saw them bomb out of the tournament after a shaky group stage. FaZe closed the map with a 13-6 scoreline and will play against Mouz in the semi-finals tomorrow.

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