MambaSR accuses Playground of backtracking on casting deal


Ranjit “MambaSR” Patel on his Twitter handle shed light on a casting deal with Playground which allegedly went south. Below we have uncovered every detail which was tweeted by MambaSR on Twitter. 

Before we get any further, the Playground esports Championship is a one-of-a-kind competition between four teams, each of which is owned and mentored by one of Asia’s most prominent gaming celebrities. It can be put as one among the other reality shows but with activities exclusively related to gaming. 

Playground initially reached out to MambaSR aka Ranjit Patel to acquire his services as a host for their event in September 2022. But in December, Patel was asked to reconsider the offer which was coming in as a Caster and not as a Host. The clarification to the same is Playground wanted to sign a female as their Host. 

Patel did submit his quote to Playground for his time if he were to cast the event to which the organizers and staff desired to negotiate before locking in MambaSR as their Caster. Do know that Patel had to wait out for straight 10 days before they reached out to him on January 2nd with a counter offer on their minds. 

Both Patel and Playground mutually decided to move ahead with the revised numbers on January 9th but that’s where the organizers seemed to have become less responsible. 

Patel waited nearly an hour for a call with Playground’s Creative Director, which never happened. The only justification they could think of was that the notion had simply slipped out of their heads. It also takes them 8 days to get in touch with MambaSR, which is a major inconvenience.

On January 18th, Playground reconnects with Patel for further dealings and that’s where Playground asked MambaSR to show up on January 22nd, a week before the original timeline and that too unpaid. 

The reason behind that added week was to kick off some dry runs and added sessions with Patel as their caster. 

Do know that if MambaSR had to make it to Playground on 22nd, he somehow had to cancel his paid commitments with other parties on the dates, January 21 and 22. He was forced to call in unavailable so that the other parties would be able to find replacements. 

While this happened, Patel exchanged his Aadhar Card (National Identity) details with Playground before things took a turn for the worse. 

Patel was promised an email which should have covered every detail about the event but it was never sent over by Playground despite several follow-ups initiated by the former himself. 

Playground contacted Patel and mentioned that two other individuals were facing timeline issues and were evaluating their options for getting Patel to the event by the 22nd, on January 19th.

Playground suddenly enters a prolonged radio silence and Patel never hears from them until he himself reinitiates the conversation for a follow up which is left on seen by the organizers. 

Despite repeated attempts to reach them, MambaSR has yet to receive a response from Playground. This is a concerning situation for MambaSR, who relies on income from events and paid gigs, and raises questions about the fate they have suffered.

Playground has yet to issue a statement, but stay tuned for updates as soon as they do. Follow us on Google News for regular updates.