LCS Veteral Daerek “LemonNation” Hart, former carry for Cloud9 has been tested positive for coronavirus the player confirmed.

The Team Radiance manager tweeted out about his condition with a picture of his test report, with the tweet reading “I’m a coronaboy”. He decided to get tested in a drive-through clinic in Los Angeles after he felt mild symptoms but was convinced when his roommate’s partner was tested positive for the same.

LemonNation’s final foray in LCS came with Optic Gaming in 2018 where he started for them. A disappointing 9th place finish ended his tenure with them along with his professional career as well.

LemonNation is the latest entry among infected esports professionals. We reported the news of Paris Eternal pro Smex getting tested positive for the coronavirus. The virus is presumed to be more dangerous to older people with weaker immunity but being 30 years old, LemonNation is likely to recover swiftly.