FC Barcelona enters League of Legends Esports

One of the biggest Football Clubs in the world, FC Barcelona have confirmed their entry into the world of League of Legends, after winning the bid for Superliga Spot previously owned by S2V Esports.

The football giants have fielded line-ups for KONAMI’s eFootball.Pro League and Heartstone and Rocket League, who are yet to succeed on a global scale. Having competed for the spot with fellow LaLiga clubs, Barca managed to outbid Sevilla FC and Case eSports.

Barca here on out will be in direct competition with one of their own players, Gerard Pique, a center-back and captain for the club has partnered with Ibai Llanos to buy Astralis SB’s slot to field their own team.

Barcelona are yet to announce their roster but according to a report by 2Playbook, the Spanish club has already roped in a coach with 3 players confirmed to be on the team.

  • Top laner Jakub ‘Dreedy’ Viceník
  • Jungler Dimitar ‘Lebron’ Kostadinov
  • Mid laner Mikhail ‘twohoyrz’ Petkov

“Barça will join the Superliga in 2022, the highest level tournament for the esports game in Spain, organised by the Professional Video Games League (LVP, Grupo Mediapro).” read their official statement.

Fans will be able to see the team live in action from January 2022, when the Superliga commences. No official statement citing the players who will make it to the final 5 that represent Barce in the league, but one is expected soon.