League of Legends Nilah abilties officially revealed: Joy Unending, Formless Blade, and more

League of Legends’ brand new melee botlaner Nilah is all set for arrival for on July 14, 2022.

Like everytime, it is important to list out the abilities that Nilah would bring to the table and figure out how to properly utilize them.

Nilah’s abilities in League of Legends

Passive – Joy Unending

Nilah amplifies the healing and shielding abilities of nearby allies. Allies that heal or shield Nilah gain a bonus heal or shield for themselves. And when an allied champion heals or shields themselves near Nilah, she gives herself a bonus heal or shield.

If Nilah last hits an enemy minion, she and her nearest allied champion will gain the normal amount of shared experience, plus half of the experience that would have been lost due to sharing.

W: Jubilant Veil

Nilah shrouds herself in a Jubilant Veil and briefly gains bonus move speed, takes reduced magic damage, and dodges all incoming basic attacks.

Touching an ally champion hides them in the veil as well, but they’ll be protected for a shorter period.

R: Apotheosis

Nilah unleashes a surge of power, lashes her whip in an area around her and, with a final burst, pulls enemies in toward the center.

Apotheosis heals Nilah for part of the damage dealt, converting any excess healing into a shield. This effect scales with crit chance and is granted to nearby allies.

Healing and shielding will be scaled off the critical chance, and will be shared with nearby allies.

Nilah is designed to be a late-game ADC who will be focusing towards crit builds, just like any marksman.