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League of Legends Bait Ping to Be Removed After Players Misuse It

League of Legends, a game synonymous with competitive spirit and strategy, has long been plagued by instances of in-game toxicity, with players often resorting to taunts and unsportsmanlike conduct to belittle their peers. Riot Games, in a bid to foster a more inclusive and respectful gaming environment, is implementing stringent measures to curb such detrimental behaviors, starting with the removal of a notorious BM ping in the upcoming update.

In Patch 13.19, Riot Games is introducing a pivotal change to the communication system, where scoreboard pings for allies will be visible only to the individuals activating them. This alteration implies that players will no longer be able to spam “Champion Name – Alive” in the chat to harass teammates for their mistakes. However, players will retain the ability to ping specific items or ultimate timers, but these will not be visible to other team members.

While these modifications are aimed at reducing toxicity, they have sparked discussions within the community regarding the balance between effective communication and maintaining respect among players. Some argue that removing such communication tools could potentially hinder strategic gameplay, especially in critical late-game situations where timely communication is crucial.

A middle ground, such as implementing relative timers to prevent ping spamming, has been suggested as a viable solution to maintain the essence of communication while eliminating its abusive aspects.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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