LDLC, the French organisation who released their roster a week ago, have rebuilt their roster and re-entered the international CSGO scene.

LDLC had faced roster troubles when they saw Alex “ALEX” McMeekin and François “AmaNEk” Delaunay, who joined Vitality and G2 respectively.

Even Logan “LOGAN” Corti left the team to join the team what is now known as ex-3DMAX. The team added three new played but were released released the whole roster post poor results, making them free agents.

However, post that incident, the organisation decided to re-enter the scene and have signed a whole new roster.

The first player to join the team is Turkey Engin “MAJ3R” Küpeli. MAJ3R played for Space Soldiers who faced multiple issues regarding the salaries provided and the team and organisation parted ways. MAJ3R comes back to a francophone project after representing the Turkish roster for 2 years.

Next up, are XMS and SIXER. Both of these players are no strangers to the french organisation. They played in the team before they were released by the organisation.

For the fourth player, LDLC have decided to trial out roden. Roden played on a team called unKnights. Roden is a 21 year old upcoming player who will take the role of a rifler and have a trial period with the team at  ESL Championnat National and Charleroi Esports.

Lastly, the team have gone for Happy.  Vincent “Happy” Schopenhauer is the last key in this roster. He had been benched by Vitality due to inter-roster issues with relation to the attitude of the players.

While playing for Vitality, Happy won DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 but were unable to get any more accolades to their names. Happy comes back to the roster, 4 years later, and completes the roster.