LCS 2022 Summer Split: Results, Teams, Schedule, Standings & More

LCS 2022 Summer Split

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2022 Summer Split is well underway, and the best LoL teams across North America are fighting it out in front of millions of viewers for a shot at the prestigious Worlds tournament.

The LCS 2022 Summer Split started on June 17, 2022, and the ten participating teams are putting up some incredible performances in hopes of securing one of the three available spots for NA at the upcoming Worlds championship.

Let’s take a look at the LCS 2022 Summer Split format, schedule, standings, and everything else that you need to know about the ongoing tournament:

LCS 2022 Summer Split Format

The LCS 2022 Summer Split has ten participating teams battling it out in a double round-robin setup, with the top eight teams qualifying for the LCS Championship. All matches are best-of-one.

The first and second-place teams get to start in Round 2 of the upper bracket, while teams in the third to the sixth place have to start in Round 1 of the upper bracket. Seventh and eighth-place teams start in Round 1 of the lower bracket.

LCS 2022 Summer Split: All Participating Teams and Standings

S. NoTeamRecord
1⁠⁠100 Thieves (100T)12 – 3
2⁠⁠Evil Geniuses (EG)12 – 3
3⁠⁠Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)10 – 5
4⁠⁠Team Liquid (TL)10 – 5
5⁠⁠Cloud9 (C9)8 – 7
6⁠⁠FlyQuest (FLY)7 – 8
7⁠⁠TSM5 – 10
8⁠⁠Golden Guardians (GG)4 – 11
9⁠⁠Immortals (IMT)4 – 11
10⁠⁠Dignitas (DIG)3 – 12

LCS 2022 Summer Split Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the LCS 2022 Summer Split:

Week 1

DateMatchTime (CT)ScoreWinner
17th JuneEG vs C94:30 PM0-1EG
GG vs FLY5:30 PM0-1FLY
100T vs TSM6:30 PM1-0100T
IMT vs TL7:30 PM0-1TL
DIG vs CLG8:30 PM0-1CLG
18th JuneC9 vs GG3:30 PM0-1GG
DIG vs TL4:30 PM1-0TL
EG vs 100T5:30 PM1-0EG
TSM vs CLG6:30 PM0-1CLG
IMT vs FLY7:30 PM0-1IMT
19th June100T vs DIG2:30 PM1-0100T
FLY vs EG3:30 PM0-1EG
TL vs C94:30 PM1-0TL
CLG vs GG5:30 PM1-0CLG
TSM vs IMT6:30 PM1-0TSM

Week 2

DateMatchTime (CT)ScoreWinner
25th JuneDIG vs C93:30 PM0-1C9
100T vs GG4:30 PM1-0100T
TSM vs TL5:30 PM1-0TSM
EG vs IMT6:30 PM1-0EG
CLG vs FLY7:30 PM0-1FLY
26th JuneGG vs TSM2:30 PM1-0GG
TL vs FLY3:30 PM1-0TL
C9 vs 100T4:30 PM1-0C9
CLG vs EG5:30 PM1-0CLG
IMT vs DIG6:30 PM0-1DIG

Week 3

DateMatchTime (CT)ScoreWinner
2nd JulyTSM vs EG3:30 PM0-1EG
FLY vs DIG4:30 PM1-0FLY
100T vs TL5:30 PM1-0100T
GG vs IMT6:30 PM1-0GG
CLG vs C97:30 PM0-1C9
3rd JulyDIG vs TSM2:30 PM1-0DIG
EG vs GG3:30 PM1-0EG
C9 vs FLY4:30 PM0-1FLY
TL vs CLG5:30 PM1-0TL
IMT vs 100T6:30 PM0-1100T

Week 4

DateMatchTime (CT)ScoreWinner
16th July100T vs FLY3:30 PM0-1FLY
DIG vs EG4:30 PM0-1EG
TSM vs C95:30 PM0-1C9
IMT vs CLG6:30 PM0-1CLG
TL vs GG7:30 PM1-0TL
17th JulyFLY vs TSM2:30 PM0-1TSM
CLG vs 100T3:30 PM0-1100T
EG vs TL4:30 PM1-0EG
C9 vs IMT5:30 PM0-1IMT
GG vs DIG6:30 PM1-0GG

Week 5

DateMatchTime (CT)ScoreWinner
23rd JulyEG vs CLG3:30 PM1-0EG
TL vs IMT4:30 PM1-0TL
TSM vs 100T5:30 PM0-1100T
DIG vs C96:30 PM0-1C9
GG vs FLY7:30 PM0-1FLY
24th JulyTL vs CLG2:30 PM0-1CLG
GG vs C93:30 PM0-1C9
EG vs 100T4:30 PM0-1100T
TSM vs IMT5:30 PM0-1IMT
FLY vs DIG6:30 PM1-0FLY

Week 6

DateMatchTime (CT)ScoreWinner
30th JulyFLY vs C93:30 PM0-1C9
DIG vs 100T4:30 PM0-1100T
TSM vs TL5:30 PM0-1TL
GG vs CLG6:30 PM0-1CLG
EG vs IMT7:30 PM1-0EG
31st JulyTSM vs GG2:30 PM1-0TSM
EG vs FLY3:30 PM1-0EG
TL vs C94:30 PM0-1C9
IMT vs 100T5:30 PM0-1100T
DIG vs CLG6:30 PM0-1CLG

Week 7

DateMatchTime (CT)ScoreWinner
6th AugustGG vs 100T3:30 PM0-1100T
EG vs TSM4:30 PM1-0EG
TL vs FLY5:30 PM1-0TL
CLG vs C96:30 PM1-0CLG
IMT vs DIG7:30 PM0-1DIG
7th AugustFLY vs CLG2:30 PM0-0CLG
C9 vs 100T3:30 PM0-0100T
EG vs TL4:30 PM0-0TL
IMT vs GG5:30 PM0-0IMT
TSM vs DIG6:30 PM0-0TSM

Week 8

DateMatchTime (CT)ScoreWinner
12th AugustTL vs DIG4:30 PM0-0TBD
EG vs GG5:30 PM0-0TBD
FLY vs 100T6:30 PM0-0TBD
TSM vs CLG7:30 PM0-0TBD
IMT vs C98:30 PM0-0TBD
13th AugustTL vs GG3:30 PM0-0TBD
CLG vs 100T4:30 PM0-0TBD
TSM vs C95:30 PM0-0TBD
IMT vs FLY6:30 PM0-0TBD
EG vs DIG7:30 PM0-0TBD
14th AugustIMT vs CLG2:30 PM0-0TBD
EG vs C93:30 PM0-0TBD
TL vs 100T4:30 PM0-0TBD
GG vs DIG5:30 PM0-0TBD
TSM vs FLY6:30 PM0-0TBD

LCS 2022 Summer Split: Where to Watch

League of Legends fans can catch all the ongoing action live on the official Twitch handle of LCS. The VODs can be watched through the LoL Esports VODs and Highlights channel on YouTube.