To everyone’s surprise, Ubisoft announced a collaboration with Square Enix to release Rainbow Six’s first 3rd party collaboration Elite operator skin. With the upcoming Operation Void Edge, year-1 operator Ash will be getting a Lara Croft Tomb Raider themed Elite skin.

Ash will be the first operator to get a special 3rd Elite skin. First, she got Sidewinder Elite skin and later she got Black Viper Elite which was given free to every player during the Outbreak event in 2018.

The elite skin will include a Tomb Raider uniform, headgear, victory animation, a charm, a breaching rounds gadget skin and weapon skins for Ash’s two assault rifles and two pistols (G36C, R4-C, M45 MEUSOC, and 5.7 USG).

Although no pricing details were revealed yet, if Ubisoft follows old pricing then the Lara Croft Ash Elite skin will cost 1800 R6 Credits. However, if you’ve got the Year 5 Pass then price will be reduced to 1,620 R6 Credits.