kioShiMa replaces Maikelele in FaZe

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FaZe org. announced on their official Facebook page that they have officially acquired kioShiMa in their CSGO roster after the Maikelele, the ex-NiP star, announced its departure.

Maikelele however hasn’t been officially departed from the organization as a whole, there might be some future endeavors waiting for him at the FaZe organization which isn’t clear at the moment just as yet. The transfer value perhaps, is also undisclosed as to what amount the FaZe paid to acquire the EnVyUs front-runner.


The organization in a facebook post, informed:

Today, we are welcoming on kioShiMa from Team EnVyUs to join our starting lineup in replacement of Maikelele.

For the time being, Maikelele is still a part of our organization, and what comes next for him will be a matter we’ll all sit down to discuss in the near future.

However, we are in this scene to do one thing & one thing only, and that is win. Kio is a proven champion, one of the most decorated and experienced players on today’s Counter Strike scene, and together with him we will fight for the winning culture that we strive to provide. We do this for our fans, we do this together, and we will keep building.

Thank you to Hastr0 from nV in facilitating this change. More news to come soon.


FaZe’s change to their roster just comes before their appearance at DreamHack Masters Malmo, where they face Virtus.Pro, EnVyUs and TempoStorm. The now lineup of FaZe is kioShiMa, rain, fox, aizy and jkaem. Follow FaZe on facebook for their regular updates.

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