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Kid Streams Fortnite Ten Hours A Day For Dad’s Cancer Treatment

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A young streamer from Canada has for the past 5 days been streaming Fortnite for 10 hours straight in a bid to raise funds for the treatment of his father, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Rectal Cancer.

zyITV said on Twitch that if his dad did not undergo Chemotherapy, he would die within a year and the donations would help him survive for at least 3 years with a 20 percent probability of beating it.

He wrote:

His cancer spread to his lungs and liver which brought him to stage 4 cancer. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy. These are the circumstances that the doctors gave him: No chemo one-year death, three years chemo 20% live. Please donate anything you possibly can. All money will go towards funding his medication. Much love from me and all of my family members.

His dad had explained how tough it had been in his live stream, saying “It’s very hard. It gives you so much trouble that you cannot walk. Some days, I feel I have to lay down for days in bed. I cannot move. But I have to fight.”

The first real donation that brought traction in the campaign was by Complexity Player MackWood who donated $25 and since then his stream has exploded with donations from around the world.


His target of $5000 has already been exceeded by over $8000. Of the $13000, he plans to use $5000 for the immediate treatment of his dad and a further $3000 being kept aside for emergency purposes, and the remaining money will be used for improving his stream.

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