Is xQc leaving Twitch? Know Here!

xqc kick
xQc's groundbreaking partnership with rival platform Kick sparks industry-wide excitement.

One of the most popular Twitch streamer xQc may be on his way to other streaming platforms with him falling at the center of several high level controversies.

Boasting one of the biggest follower base, former Overwatch Pro turned streamer xQc often finds himself on the crosshairs of someone or the other and the latest one involves his former partner accusing him of being manipulative.

From his recent behaviors, fans have derived that the reason behind xQc taking things lightly on Twitch is because he might be looking at other options. Having stuck with the Amazon owned streaming service for so many years now, the Canadian might be going towards a fresh start on other platforms.

Changing platforms isn’t something unheard of, there are stories of several streamers who turned their career around after switching to a different platform, which begs the question that if xQc might follow the same footsteps.

xQc has been vocal about several controversies involving top streamers and never backed down from sharing his opinion. It is highly unlikely that he will be switching to a different platform given he has already been through enough.

However, he cannot be blamed if he chooses to leave, xQc has found himself at odds with some of the biggest names of the community, let alone the plethora of times he was wrongly accused or his channel was punished.

Having been through enough, he has stuck with this platform for so many years and successfully built a legion of followers who resonate with his eccentric style of communication.

Only time can tell if he is looking to leave Twitch but truth be told, we cannot blame the man for shifting to another platform and hoping for a fresh start, leaving his dramatic past behind.